How to Play Live Roulette: Rules and Strategies

A computer or portable device, a good Internet connection and a great online casino – that’s all you need to play live Roulette. Of course, as long as you know the rules of live Roulette, how it’s played, what bets you can place and how much you can win. Even if you don’t, that’s okay: just read this guide to become a live roulette master!

First, you should know that live online Roulette is the ideal meeting of the two souls of gambling: land-based casinos and virtual casinos. Of the former, it takes the chance to play with a live croupier running the table; of the latter, it takes advantage of the convenience of being able to start a game wherever you are and at any time of day.

Technical characteristics of live Roulette

From a technical point of view, live Roulette takes place inside a television studio, recreated to resemble the d├ęcor of a land-based casino. Behind a table is the croupier, who stands the numbered wheel at the side (sometimes in front). One or more webcams record the action in real time, so that live Roulette is often referred to as streaming Roulette.

The croupier is equipped with a microphone: through live chat roulette, you can send messages, chat with him/her, who will answer your questions and, why not, your jokes. The chat also allows you to converse with other users.

Another feature of live Roulette is that it can accommodate multiple players at the same time. In online Roulette, you have to play alone, thus foregoing the “social” element that is so in vogue in this digital age.

Live roulette rules: how to play?

Playing live Roulette is very simple. Basically, the roulette rules are the same as the land casino version or the online version. There is a numbered wheel, a carpet that summarizes the various bets, and then there is you who can decide where and how much to bet.

Unlike online Roulette, however, here you have to watch the pace of play. At some point, the croupier will end the betting phase, and you won’t be able to add more chips to your bets.

You will only be able to wait for the ball to stop and see if you have won or lost. After announcing the winning number, the croupier will reopen the betting and you can either replay the same bets or change them as you wish.